Covid 19 infection and pregnancy

The current data available on the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on pregnancy outcomes suggest that the presentation of COVID-19 in pregnant women is similar to that of non-pregnant women.
Pre-eclampsia is associated with severe COVID-19. The association of COVID-19 with haemostatic and thromboembolic complications is well-recognised in the general population. Pregnancy is a prothrombotic state and it is likely that COVID-19 exacerbates the already increased risk of thromboembolic complications in pregnancy.
Maternal COVID-19 is associated with an increased rate of caesarean delivery. There may be an increased rate of fetal distress during labour in women with COVID-19. The primary cause of the higher caesarean section rate in those with COVID-19 is the worsening of maternal COVID-19 symptoms.
Pregnant women with COVID-19 in the third trimester have higher rates of intensive care admission than non-pregnant women with COVID-19.
Neonates with COVID-19 present with mild symptoms and have very low rates of mortality.
Iatrogenic preterm birth is more common in women with COVID-19 as compared to pregnant women without COVID-19.
There has been no evidence to suggest that
Covid infection increases any risk of miscarriages or any congenital anomaly in the baby.
It is important to implement a multidisciplinary approach..

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