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Why Women Need a Yearly Gynecologic Examination

Full body exams are important but women need regular gynecologic health examination also. A woman should see her OB/GYN for several reasons, depending on what age group she is in. She may need a clinical breast exam, a pelvic exam to make sure her uterus and ovaries are okay, a Pap smear, and sexually transmitted disease screenings. Dr Divya Awasthi is giving a complete package for gynecologic checkup.
1.Gynae Consultation: 20%Discount
2.Gynae Surgery: 10% Discount
3.Lab Test: 50% Discount
4.Pap Smear: 50% Discount
5.Get registered in pregnancy now

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A very rare case report of successful Laparoscopic excision of giant cyst in young girl

A very rare and difficult laparoscopic Surgery was done successfully for a Giant Cyst in the Abdomen. The Cyst was arising from pelvis and reached right up to the epigastrium, the 15 year old girl looked as if she was pregnant. The cyst was removed completely and around 2 litres of fluid aspirated. The young girl recovered fully with no scar on her tummy.

This surgery was done by Dr. Divya Awasthi who has vast experience in gynecologic laparoscopy from AIIMS, New Delhi, with a stint in Tata Cancer hospital Mumbai and Dr. K S Dhillon, Senior Consultant & pioneer of Laparoscopic surgery in the Tricity. This rare Surgery has been published in the prestigious journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

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