It has been seen that presently the rates of caesarean deliveries are very high in most of the hospitals. This may be because we have now improved methods to detect high risk cases and manage them timely. Sometimes it is the choice of patient for caesarean delivery even after serious counselling. 

The fact is simple normal vaginal delivery is always better than caesarean delivery as this is how nature works. What can we do to increase the chances of normal delivery.

   1.Stay away from stress. The more relaxed you are during your pregnancy and
labour time the more hormones good for normal delivery are released into your body. So practice meditation, do
light workout with guidance during pregnancy.

  1. Stay active during pregnancy. Keep going to your job, keep yourself engaged.
  2. Refrain yourself from negative rumors about birthing experiences and make yourself aware about the whole process. Get all your doubts cleared from your doctor.
  3. Perineal massages helps in preparing your body for normal vaginal birth. Massages should be started in last few weeks and done two to three times in a week.
  4. Try to maintain balanced weight gain during pregnancy. Overweight women tend to have more chances of operative deliveries. For this, its very important that you eat healthy balanced diet and do proper antenatal exercises (under guidance). Stay fit.
  5. Eating dates in last month of pregnancy helps improving uterus for birthing.
  6. Avoid induction of labor, if possible.
  7. Stay mobile in early stages of labor.
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